Mission Accomplished - Westside Gunn Feat. Armani Caesar & Benny The Butcher,Element Of Surprise - Lloyd Banks,Welcome Home DMX - Dave East & Jonezy, Pride - Ransom

Mission AccomplishedWestside Gunn Feat. Armani Caesar & Benny The Butcher

Quotable Lyrics:

Ayo, I just heard Supreme done sold it’s soul
Got the hammers on the road, trunk lookin’ like loads (Skrrt)
Rockin’ forty belows (Ah), these ni**as is hoes (Ah)
Miraculous flows, grip the MAC when I pose (Brr)
Click-clack with the fours, mismatch with the poles
Tre pound with the nine, I think I’m outta my mind (Boom, boom, boom, boom)
Rhymes ahead of my time, broad day with the—, uh
Broad day with the vibes, hundred shots to arise (Brr)
Some live, some die, headshot both times (Boom, boom, boom, boom)