Miss U Already - Monaleo feat. NoCap

Miss U AlreadyMonaleo feat. NoCap

Quotable Lyrics:
I just got a call that my dawg got shot
No matter who I meet, they’ll never take your spot
Forever on my mind, forever on my heart (Yeah)

And I just lost my dawg, he never comin’ back
Remember when wе used to go tit for tat?
Oh, what I wouldn’t give to get it back
I miss you alrеady

Know that you hate to see me cry
But I can’t shake this feeling
This can’t be part of healing

I never get to feeling like this often
F**ked me up, I seen my dawg in a coffin
Who knew that all of this will come stealing and robbin’?
I lost my mans, I was Batman, he Robin

We was mobbin’
F**k the opposition ’cause they took you
Promise I’m steppin’ on them ni**as in my new shoes
These ni**as tellin’, givin’ blues clues
Whatever we did, I’m takin’ to the grave, it’s me and you

I would do anything to see you smile again
My dawg for life, my twin
Not too many people in this life I call friend (Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-woah-oh)