Miss My Dawgs - YG, Lil Wayne

Miss My DawgsYG, Lil Wayne

Quotable Lyrics:
Man, I miss my dawgs
The ones I pick up for, ain’t never missed a call
Plottin’ to get it poppin’, we had plans to get it all
Wishin’ you was here, dawg, to ride these foreign cars (Ride these foreign cars)

Man, I miss my dawgs
Thuggin’ on the block, really pistol in the drawers
Tryna make it out the hood, my dawg had a cause
F**k all the ops and f**k the law, they did him fraud (They did him fraud)

My dawg is one who ride for me
They want try me for a body, they gon’ slide for free (Slide for free)
Wherever I be steppin’, they on side of me
Bros over h*es, built off loyalty and honesty

My dawgs kept it honest with me, no if, ands, or probablys
You ain’t my dog if we ain’t ever do no robberies (No robberies)
We had a cause, we was tryna hit the lottery (Lottery)
Young ni**as ball, we was making it out of poverty (Poverty)
We did our thang, we did our thang, we did it properly (Properly)

Tell on your dawgs, I’ll never
When I could tell them somethin’ slick, I’m too clever
I wish my dawgs more life, Hugh Hefner (Hugh Hefner)
You know I wrote this for my steppers