MilTroit - Tee Grizzley Feat. Lakeyah

MilTroitTee Grizzley Feat. Lakeyah

Quotable Lyrics:
With me it’s mostly action, I hate when it’s too much talkin’
Lakeyah, what they pay? I send a hundred through Milwuakee
I tried to take the za down to the K but they won’t dog it
I’m tryna leave the streets but this sh*t ’cause they keep callin’
They got left in the street ’cause ni**as ain’t have sh*t to offer
Don’t get left in the street, hit wit’ that heat for all that talkin’
I f**k with Walmart but when it’s smoke we want our target

Ain’t no poppin’ out no bushes, we be clutchin’ while we parkin’
Ayy, you want smoke, you know we wit’ it ’cause it’s pressure ’round this b*tch
And I ain’t worried ’bout who steppin’, I keep steppers ’round this b*tch
And I be puttin’ that sh*t on, I get dressed around this b*tch
And I call all my ni**as nerds, we keep TECs around this b*tch
Big Lakeyah, made woman, I’m protected ’round this b*tch

High speed car like it’s a rally, flags is checker ’round this b*tch
All this money we be gettin’, you think we stressed around this b*tch?
I call Tee Grizzley, we tap in, run up a check around this b*tch
Ayy, I can’t fit in no small coupes but got two ‘Vettes around my wrist
Gang turnt, they fuck on hoes that they just met around this b*tch
When they shoot, they ain’t gon’ miss, they hit all net around this b*tch
In that bulletproof Maybach like it’s a vest around this b*tch
Whip roarin’, b*tch, this ain’t my only foreign