Military - NBA Youngboy & D-ROK

MilitaryNBA Youngboy & D-ROK

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m a boss, been gettin’ it, my ni**as been drippin’
And this sauce and these diamonds on my wrist authentic
Man, it’s f**k the opps if it’s problems
Tote them blicks with extensions
‘Bout business, we handle it
My young ni**as, they step on sh*t

Rover big pose like the military (Mm-hm)
Rover big pose like the military (Yeah)
Rover big pose like the military (Mm-hm)
Like the military

Look, come from the hood, since a child, tryna get it
Standin’ on top and we beef ’bout our business
We run and we duck and them ni**as start hittin’
Fake cover, start busting’ right back, know I’m sinnin’

Move militant, know that I’ll come, be good riddance
Bottom the Glock is extension, I’m with it
I’m in this b*tch with my ni**a, a beast
Took over Rich Gang, take a look at my pendant

This time I’m facin’ poles like the military
Whenever the price droppin’ low, gotta catch it
It’s hectic, it’s reckless, it’s bad in my section
That’s a new .223 with that drum on the bottom, I buy that in [?]

Havin’ those sticks like I come from the army
They in the Tesla, the Bentley, the Rover and sh*t
Know that I’m up in this b*tch with my burner
Know that I’m up in this b*tch, now with Stunna
Know that I’m up in this b*tch with your old h*e

And she flew in from Arizona
She with it, she with it, I’m in the Scat with them blickies up in it
My society only got killers up in it, big Benjis
Baby, rush to them youngings, ain’t feelin’ the mission