Meek Mill ,Vory

Middle Of It – Meek Mill feat. Vory

Quotable Lyrics: Middle Of It – Meek Mill feat. Vory

I’m not the leader but follow the lead
Poppin’ some sh*t that’s out of your league
Shawty identical, Bella Hadid (Shawty identical)
She beggin’, tellin’ me “Please”
The Patek keep tellin’ her to freeze (Freeze)
She think I tell her to chill and I’m tryna tell her to leave (Leave)

Woah, woah, woah
Bendin’ in the corner, I (Bendin’, bendin’)
Bendin’ the corner, I jumped out some shit
I think you know about times it was lit
Seventeen summers been runnin’ this sh*t
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah