MF TRIMM - Lil Gotit


Quotable Lyrics:
Vibin’ out right on the West
I can’t stop ’em from snatchin’ necks
Fifty shots gon’ touch his chest

C8, no V8, sunset burn my tires, I’m ridin’ in a ‘Vette
Everyday, it’s a different fit, that 40 fit and I came from sh*t
(Top chef)

I’m with Keed, yeah that pump know
YSL playas, hide your ho
Yeah, say havin’ 1k on the coke

Go do some numbers and bring in the load
Bitch would’ve thought I was a swiper, the way I use this Visa
Boy, don’t lurk like RiRi, work, work, work, yeah, with demeanor
(That muhf**ker trim)

F**k it, pop a pill, 30, what it is (That muhf**ker trim)
Found out where he live, that diamondback get killed (That muhf**ker trim)
Shooters smokin’ what this is, Hеllcat [?] (That muhf**ker trim)

You ni**as ain’t havin’ foundation and they don’t evеn know about the deal (That muhf**ker trim)
I want no Xans, f**k, I want no friends
I just passed these h*es to my brother, ain’t no coughin’ (Yeah)

Lil Gotit