Metro - Kevin Gates

MetroKevin Gates

Quotable Lyrics:
Flat broke, having Richard Mille visions while I’m chilling in my loft
My children miss they father, workin’ out, I’m missin’ calls
Suffered at the hands I love, trust come with a cost
Exhausted, as I recover from the millions I done lost

Feelings come across, everybody ’round ain’t really with me
Ever been on this side of the fence? You got to feel me
Rumour since a kid, a lot of people wanna kill me
They just talk good as a b*tch, I’m by myself, b*tch, come and get me

Cannon got a fifty, you flinch you comin’ with me (Comin’ with me)
Standing on that business, I’m slanging it ’til it’s empty (‘Til it’s empty)
In the streets of B.R., it’s the hardest way of livin’

The good die young and all the others go to prison
My heart been under strain, a lot of things that I don’t mention
Ain’t hands-on with it you can’t paint this kind of picture

Wanna forgive, but there’s a lot that I can’t let go
Disrespect me, you got to be careful in the Metro / New Music Release

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