Messy - Quavo & Takeoff,Nothing Changed - Quavo & Takeoff

MessyQuavo & Takeoff

Quotable Lyrics:
Don’t let that broke b*tch in ’cause she too messy (B*tch)
Who the f**k them broke boys with? Get out my section (Get out my section)
Just pulled a muscle, gotdamn, too much flexin’ (Damn)
Caught ’em in traffic on an accident, we pressin’ (Got ’em)

Smokin’ zaza every second I be stressin’
If you ain’t tryna beat ’em, f**k it, won’t you stretch ’em? (Do that)
They wiped his nose for that tissue, God bless him (Wipe it)
I dropped a four of purp’, I call that sh*t Chris Webber (Drank, Takeoff)

I know you ni**as wanna be me, but it’s levels (B*tch)
I got the gang tatted on me, that’s forever (Gang)
Wanna know my moves and all my spots, but I move clever (Move)
Wanna know my stash, how much I got, but I ain’t gon’ tell ’em (Uh-uh)

Push it, push it, runnin’ through it, get that bag, come on (Go)
Titanic yacht, big enough for all my ni**as to jump on (Come on)
I know she came with you, but she lookin’ for me to go home (Me)
Rollie discontinued like the drank I used to sip on / New Music Release

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