Menace - Lloyd Banks Feat. Conway The Machine

MenaceLloyd Banks Feat. Conway The Machine

Quotable Lyrics:
Since my DOB, they knew I’d be a menace
Believe in me, threw off my shades and S-O-X hat
Back on my Eazy E
I hit my number every time
And I’m rapping on PEDs

Made millions off MP3s
Did that with a GED
You done f**ked to pull your hand out
Just back to your EBT
Top down on the Interstate

Make the back of the GT bleed
You never really did sh*t so your story is a easy read
And I’m sharp as ever and get to the Benjamins like Embeid
I’m a true boss, blue Porsche
Don’t get too lost, new causе

My lil’ ni**a bangin’, send him knock your b*tch ass, roof off
Got this full [SIG?] makin’ it hard to ditch that fluke off
I’m rechargеd again
Couple of mill’ to get back, few doors
Bladders paint a picture

Shit been lookin’ blurry on your end
The f**k I’m hangin’ with ya?
You’ve been seeking strangers for attention
Don’t let fame go get ya

Went and do magic
Kill your haters with the same elixir
Bankroll in this motherf**ker, ni**a

Ni**a, add it to my legend
I’m back to droppin’ another classic on you
And we all know what I’m reppin’
Southside is the section

Learned to keep it low, mind you own if you go with no connection
Dog, imagine how I’m steppin’
Loyal to my family, every hour, minute, second
Ni**a, add it to my legend
Came along and leave alone, I had to learn my lesson