Menace - Eli Fross Feat. Fredo Bang

MenaceEli Fross Feat. Fredo Bang

Quotable Lyrics:
Uh, like what? Who that?
Boy talkin’ tough, he get put on his neck
Get stressed, too tact’
My .40 don’t jam, yeah, it only go blast

With this [?], it get active
First name, “Henny,” and last name “Action”
Said what? He cappin’
Suckin’ that d**k ’til lil’ bro blast him

I really go do what I rappin’ if I stop doin’ this music (Uh-uh)
The scammers the ones that be clappin’, shooters the ones that be shootin’ (Uh-uh)
The b*tches the ones that be passin’, know that my heart is confusin’ (Uh-uh)
I really go do what I rappin’ if I stop doin’ this music (Uh-uh)
Like what? Uh, talk out your mouth, get punched

Uh, and please, don’t talk about shooters (Uh)
‘Causе all of my shooters is clutch
Are you dumb? Bettеr run
Uh, you know that we shootin’ for fun
You know that this clip hold thirty, so thirty gon’ come out my gun (Ayy, ayy, ayy)

We spin your block like three deep, send shots, put a opp ni**a on a T.V., ayy
Put a opp ni**a in PC, free all my guys at the Rock makin’ movies, ayy
Even John Cena can’t see me

12 on my ass, take a trip to the [?]
Bro go steppin’ with the GC
Make one call, yeah, put a ni**a six feet, ayy