Meat This - Blueface Feat. DDG

Meat ThisBlueface Feat. DDG

Quotable Lyrics:
All this ice, I’m getting seasick (Ice)
She an innoncent lil’ b*tch, but she need d**k
I see where we going with this one, DD, you on that freak sh*t (Alright)
B*tch wanna meet me in person, tell her to meat this (Ooh)

DD, huh, I’m on some G sh*t
He a chicken, he ain’t really with that beef sh*t
I can’t take no L, M’s, N-O-P, b*tch
Peep this, click the link if you wanna link, b*tch (Young Mackey)

B*tch, I got the money just because of me
I only f**ked with her once, but she in love with me
I got the drip, I’m mixing Louis with the double G
I told the b*tch to keep me close, or she gon’ fumble me

I get to wanderin’ off on that other bitch for that other b*tch
Huh, he a b*tch, he postin’ guns just to cover it
Too much bread, I might f**k around and butter it