Me, Myself & I - G Herbo Feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Me, Myself & IG Herbo Feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Quotable Lyrics:
And that’s why I’m walkin’ with my head to the sky
Ni**as talkin’ crazy like they on street sh*t
And they already know my vibe
My opps broke, they already showed me they weakness
Plus with this .30 on my side, everyday a different ride

I get a kick out of all these foreigns, drive you crazy every time
But it’s just me, myself, and I this time (Look)
It’s me myself and (Yeah) I
My hand up on my fire (My hand up on my fire)
And not because I want you to see how shit ain’t sweet (Look, look)
Put my feelings to the side this time (Put my feelings to the)

My heart so big, sometimes I cry over street sh*t
Nowadays it’s me, myself and I
‘Cause I’m the only person that really cares if I don’t be sh*t
And I tried to talk to God, but I’m afraid ’cause we ain’t spoke in so long
He’ll probably think I only need shit

I been tweakin’ (Trippin’), hardly ever sleepin’ (Slippin’)
Always overthinkin’ (I feel it), tryna duck the reaper (That’s how I’m leavin’)
Sick of poppin’ pills, man, this sh*t get real
I be wakin’ up in chills, like I’m havin’ seizures

Talkin’ I be preachin’ (Preachin’), I don’t know no preacher (Nah)
I don’t fuck with rappers (F**k ’em), I don’t want no feature (Pussy)
Used to be with demons, I got tired of feedin’ ’em
Tote my own heaters, ni**a, I don’t need ya’ (I don’t)

I was on my ass, barely had cash
Still gave ni**as my last, now they got amnesia
Sent ni**as away, like they own visas
I still be with demons, but for my own reasons (Know that)
Now I’m always in LA, in a different region

Put me in the Hall of Fame, any given Season
Can’t live in Chiraq, ’cause I’m sick of ni**as grievin’
I’m ready to go back, ’cause I’m sick of ni**as breathin’

G Herbo Feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie