Mayors A Cop - MIKE, Wiki & The Alchemist

Mayors A CopMIKE, Wiki & The Alchemist

“Mayors A Cop” is a collaborative track by MIKE, Wiki, and The Alchemist. The song blends the unique styles of these artists into a thought-provoking and introspective piece. MIKE and Wiki’s introspective lyrics touch on personal experiences and societal issues, while The Alchemist’s production provides a moody and atmospheric backdrop and the challenges faced by communities in urban areas. The official music video for “Mayors A Cop” can be found on YouTube, featuring the artists in the streets of New York City. The title of the song, “Mayors-A-Cop,” alludes to Mayor Eric Adams, the current mayor of New York.

The title “Mayors A Cop” suggests a play on words, possibly alluding to the complexities of power and authority. The track is a standout example of how these talented artists can come together to create a deep and engaging hip-hop song that combines both lyrical and production prowess. The collaboration between MIKE, Wiki, and The Alchemist highlights their unique styles and shared commitment to creating socially conscious and impactful music. / New Music Release

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