Maui Woop - Kodak Black

Maui WoopKodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah, I’m in Hawaii think—
Oh sh*t, man this beat here fire I ain’t gon’ lie
All I can think is X
All I can think of—
All I can think of is X, man, sh*t, for sure

I was in Hawaii—
B*tch, I’m still in Hawaii
I’mma try to bust me one of these lil’ aloha b*tches tonight

I was in Hawaii thinkin’ ’bout XXXTENTACION
When them ni**as shot me, I ain’t even feel that sh*t, I’m crazy
I ain’t never thought, die just like this bein’ rich and famous
I’m in Maui Maui, full of that juice and medication

I’m in Maui Maui, thinkin’ ’bout you and all my ni**as
For everybody who lost they f**kin’ life to that pistol
And for everybody on that slab right now, my ni**a, I’m with you
Behind these Jim Maui shades on, you don’t see my vision

I’m takin’ Percocet with the cereal
I wake up early mornin’ with my jewelry on
Like Frosted Flakes on my wrist

Ni**a, Jesus piece, sh*t gettin’ spiritual
Some one told me to tell Isaiah to chill,
dawg, “You don’t need to hit that lick””