Matinee - Smino


Quotable Lyrics:
Ooh, I been drinkin’ all night
Drop it in ya jaw, right now
Pop yo’ sh*t, it’s all right, oh
Poppin’ out like smoke, pshh

Droppin’ off yo’ h*e
At your crib, later on
At your crib, later on

I been drinkin’ all night (Huh)
And I’m smokin’ all right (Hm, oh)
St. Louis to Shanghai
St. Lucia, can’t lose, we loose, we Goose’d up, baby

My baby do it like she tryna pay her rent
(Ooh-woo, ooh-ooh-woo)
East L.A., live in the Wood, I feel like Clint
(Ooh-woo, ooh-ooh-woo)

Ayy, I know the whole world just a matinee
But pull down your mask, hit this gas wit’ me
Yeah, huh, hold it
Puff that stuff, now hold it

Got twenty chickens on the phone, I feel like Tony
I wanna take you to the crib, I wanna own it
I wanna hone it, I wanna bone, damn
Pray somebody tell her I’m a grown man

I romanced her, I enhanced her
Diamonds dance in the Tesla, “Electric Slide,” get it?
I don’t text her, let it fester (It’s the truth)
I don’t stress her, I just stretch her (Like I do, ayy, ayy)

I’m a wrestler, Broccoli Lesnar (Ooh, ayy, ayy)
And he clever, call me Trevor
If it’s cold, I Moncler her, make no error
I’m the gold, I’m the treasure, I’m a rare bird, oh / New Music Release

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