Material Gworrllllllll (Remix) - Saucy Santana Feat. Madonna

Material Gworrllllllll (Remix)Saucy Santana Feat. Madonna

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m not fancy, I just love fancy sh*t
Make a budget disappear like a magic trick
Make him buy me everything, I don’t have to pick
Only hold a conversation if the bag is thick (Hahaha)

A material girl is not tasteless
A material girl is my favorite
I’m a material girl, so don’t waste this
If you’re not a material girl then you basic (Hahaha), ugh

Material girl in a material world
Material girl, material girl
Material girl, material world
I am a material girl

Deposit all accounts, baby, keep the cash flowin’
Bust down wrist but the bussdown keep’ ’em goin’
42 on my lips, take a sip
I like my ni**as laid, don’t come here with no chips

How much is you payin’?
I don’t speak broke boy language (No)
You can leave wit’ the crew that you came wit’
Me and my b*tches ain’t playin’ (Mmm)
Ice me out, ni**a (Material world), like Elsa

Fly me out, private jet (Material girl), no Delta
You can send yo’ b*tch back to the shelter (Material world)
You ain’t got no money, b*tch, I can’t help ya