Mask Up - Neek Bucks, 2 Chainz

Mask UpNeek Bucks, 2 Chainz

Quotable Lyrics:
Ayy, pull your mask up (Mask)
We caught him slippin’ at the light, we put that cash up (Cash)
I sent my shooter outt of town he caught a AND1 (One)
All that gassin’ that you doing gon’ get your man touched (Touched)
Back to back choppas in my city, boy, don’t act up (Woah)

Talkin’ like you gangsta, boy, that shit gon’ get you whacked up
Lil’ b*tch only f**k two times, she pop Percs and she get active (Woah)
Bro got the stick in the party, he don’t got Corona but he like to mask up
F**k me and get Chanel, I like her ’cause she don’t kiss and tell (Woah)

I like my b*tches in two’s, two twins and I know what to do (Woo)
Savage Fenty on your panties, baby, move the pantiеs over I’ma ooh, yeah
Handsome gangsta baby whеn I got this ‘fani, I got the stick but I groove (Ooh)
Dirty Fanta, baby, my Atlanta baby, I get that ass in the mood (Woo-woo, woo-woo)

You know lil’ bruh he retarded, woah
Pull up and shoot with the left like he Harden
Beggin’ my pardon
I don’t need a key to start this foreign (Foreign)
She wanna f**k til the mornin (Yeah)
No matter how up I get, I’ll still be schemin’, bro, look at them ni**as, we on ’em / New Music Release

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