Marie - Sleepy Hallow

MarieSleepy Hallow

Quotable Lyrics:
Uh, faded (Uh)
I want you to get all in your feels every time that they play this (Uh)
And I know she ain’t got no time to be sittin’ and waitin’ (Uh)
And I wonder if she woulda’ known me if I wasn’t famous (Uh)
Ain’t no space for basic or that fake sh*t ’cause we hate it

Whatchu tryna run away with? (Yeah-yeah-yeah)
Got a car, we could take it and go places
Said she wanna take the spaceship,
fly somеwhere that we namеless and be painless

What’s her name? Marie (Yeah-yeah-yeah)
And she said she don’t ever really wanna leave
She said don’t nobody ever love you like me (Yeah-yeah-yeah)
That’s my drug, like girl you get me higher than my weed

Hate it when I’m sippin’, she said “No more lean” (Yeah-yeah-yeah)
Night time, I be up in all your dreams
Night time, I be up in all your- (Yeah-yeah-yeah)
If I feel a way then I could call her even if she