Maniac - YG


Quotable Lyrics:
They say I lost my mind, I done turned to a maniac (Maniac)
Half a milli’ on my neck, I’m rockin’ big racks
Kidnap his b*tch, he can’t get his bitch back

Take that, take that, take that, take that
I done lost my mind, I done turned to a maniac (Maniac)
The money got my head gone, they don’t know where he at

I be trippin’ with Goyard luggage, I carry that
Fuckin’ on a popstar, I’m tryna marry that

Uh-uh, YG, you changed
Ever since you been f**kin’ with them superstar b*tches

Saint-Laurent drippin’, this how I’m feelin’
Only thing changed is the drip, b*tch, I’m chilly
Smellin’ like Tom Ford, lookin’ like a million
What you expect? I’m a star with stars in the ceilin’

Ridin’ by myself, got the .40 and it’s chromed (Chromed)
Everything else bust down, yellow gold (Gold)
They like, “YG, he tryna come for your spot” (Spot)
I’m like, “How? B*tch I’m sittin’ on the block, not a throne” (Throne)

I’m in my own lane, I don’t race for nan’ ni**a
I put bands on heads, give you a headband, ni**a
All my b*tches bad, they don’t use filters

Your b*tches made of plastic and got fillers (Got fillers)
Fix your wig, get your track right
Tired of that b*tch, you look like last night

Whole lotta millions, so what? I got my plaques right
I can tell you ni**as ain’t eatin’, get your shmack right / New Music Release

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