Make The News - Mozzy ft. Yo Gotti & Blac Youngsta,In My Face - Mozzy Feat. 2 Chainz, Saweetie & YG Produced by DJ Mustard

Make The NewsMozzy ft. Yo Gotti & Blac Youngsta

Quotable Lyrics:
You don’t really love me like you say you do (Like you say you do)
Fully auto on me when I’m yankin’ through (When I’m yankin’ through)
You won’t make the ‘spital, you gon’ make the news (You gon’ make the news)

Killers striped up like a sabretooth but they know
All he want for Bhristmas is some percocets and Draco
I ain’t ask for nothin’ from these b*tches but a bankroll

I cannot stop smilin’, knowin’ one of my killers came home
Yeah, a couple more be on they way home

Suicidal on that slidе mission, blicky’d up
Got the rental from my side b*tch, it’s tintеd up
Makaveli type of time with us, hit ’em up

Yellow tape around the streetlights, ni**a, we lit him up
Surgery ain’t eligible for him, zip him up
Wocky with the Hi-Tech oil, we mix it up

Release him for that attempt and it’s over he killin’ somethin’
They asked me ’bout Alonzo murder revealin’ nothin’
And there was nothin’ said, loyalty over your love instead

I bought a watch with the amount that they put on my head
FaceTime with ni**as screamin’ out, “I know he dead
They way we hit him, for sure he dead” (Ayy)