Major League - Kevin Gates

Major LeagueKevin Gates

Quotable Lyrics:
On the road, back to back for shows, and,
I ain’t get a cent off that (At all)
Back to cookin’ [?], smell like a brick,
I got that scent off that (On God)
Closed doors, ones closest hurtin’ your emotions (Huh?)

Thinkin’ ’round, they fake supporters
and play perfect on the socials (Hmm)
I can’t go along to get a long, I’m a big soldier
Killers [?] reincarnated, all [?] know
That other ni**a, we are not the same, fall back homie (B*tch)

I am downtown, night war, Baton Rouge, big dawg
E-Wayne, K-Wayne, B-Wayne, gettin’ off
Meditate, Sarah Quill, [?], sit call
New buildin’, violated
God shipped ten soldiers

I done been up-state with ni**as afraid to walk the big yard
Bad karma come to those who cross [?] head
70805, I pull up, hop off, get some street cred’
Lil’ one snuck me, he dead
That other ni**a, he dead

I’m major league swingin’ this b*tch,
b*tch you know how we play it
Copied all my tats, he actin’
like he put in work for this

You ain’t work the trench, you pu**y b*tch,
you rode a bunch of d*cks
Heal with that retinol, yeah

Four ni**as in folders, yeah
Lord’s got a name for it,
don’t know what to call it yet