Main One - Mario Feat. Tory Lanez

Main OneMario Feat. Tory Lanez

Quotable Lyrics:
I know you wanna be the main one
I got a whole, it’s some names on the way
I ain’t f**kin’ with the same one
Ooh, I love when you drop it down low

But you’re still high maintenance
Yeah, and you gotta get your hair done
I’ma go ‘head say it (Better get [?])
Slide out to Jamaica (Oh, yeah)

Meet me down in Jamaica (Yeah)
I might drown how her wave up (Wave up)
If you like her we could gang up (Gang up)
I swear to God, we been prayin’ for
Ooh, pipe down, you too dangerous

Yeah, you got horns on your halo (Halo)
So horny, what a angel
I’m blessed inside my bеd (My bed)
Girl, you could be honest with mе (With me)

You ain’t gotta be toxic with me (With me)
You don’t need no other options but me
‘Cause you might just be my