Magic City - Fivio Foreign Feat. Quavo

Magic CityFivio Foreign Feat. Quavo

Quotable Lyrics:
Real ni**as and ratchet b*tches (Huh)
Hundred racks when the racks too skinny (Boss)
I f**k my b*tch and I get back to business (Woo, woo)
Thinking about turning Brooklyn into Magic City (Huh)
Ass and ti**ies, like hundreds and fifties (Yeah)
B*tch I’m going viral, put that on the Bible (Woo)
Turn my shooters to snipers, killed ’em on the arrival (Grrah)
I killed ’em, I killed ’em, they gone, they gone (Bow, bow, bow, bow, yeah, look)

What the f**k? (What)
If it’s up, ni**a buck, try your luck (Do some)
B*tch bad but I had to put her up (Put her up)
Had to grab my other monkey nuts (Boom)
Gotta slide when a ni**a being touched (Skrrt)
Gotta ride with the gang, it’s a must (Go)
Got a ratchet lil’ b*tch that’ll lay low
When it’s smoke, turn it up like a slut (Bow, bow, bow)

I don’t need to look in her eyes (Huh, yeah)
I can tell she a vibe
She reppin’ the gang and I felt like she was mine
She throw up the set and yell “Free the guys” (Woo, huh, look, yeah)
I pay the money, ni**as gon’ die (I pay the money, ni**as gon’ die, huh, yeah)
If I pay the money, ni**as gon’ die (Grrt, boaw)