Quotable Lyrics:
I bought this shawty a Patek, hm
I bought my shooter a stick, yeah
I get so fresh and you know I get high as I can
To a place you ain’t went
To a place you can’t top
Mama got a brand new bag

I got the money, you know I can’t flop
Come from the set where we sell grams
I got the ho for to fly to my spot
Do not let ’em leave in the middle of the day
From the block to the rocks to the Glock

To the nigga on top
Let ’em hate, I can’t hear what they say
Run the money up ’til the whole bank break
All-black paint, got it sittin’ in my facе
All black Louie in a all-white Wraith
Turn up on fashion, invest in thе place

I gave her six hundred, yeah, uh
They tried to sign me for thirty, okay
Tell ’em, “Come with the fifty”
New Era came, I jump in and I get it

I get it real fast, that’s a lot of blue Benjis
I gave my sister a fifty, my brother a fifty
Two hundred, two hundred, two hundred
You ain’t that thing so stop with the stuntin’
Strapped in my denim, you know how I’m comin’

Lean, no Gatorade, still don’t break
I can’t see how another man hate
God made another rich ni**a
I think that it’s time to celebrate

I bought this shawty a Patek, hm
I bought my shooter a stick, yeah
I’m f**kin’ with shawty

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