Quotable Lyrics:
You can call me Mike-Will ’cause I motherf**king made it
Want me to go back to the old me, you motherf**king crazy
I ain’t beefin’ with you ni**as, too much money to be chasing
It ain’t nobody else fault that your hustle game lazy

I’m makin’ songs every day, still re-ing up with plates
I was fifteen the first time I ate Frosted Flakes
I made it from where you would get your ass murked if you play
Made it out that play, thought they’d congratulate but they hate

“How you made it through the trenches?”
“How you made it through the violencе?”
“How you made it to the Roc?”
They think I’m Illuminati

I had junkiеs at the door, I had momma house crowded
Couldn’t learn about division, had to worry ’bout dyin’
Flashback, brother funeral

Still remember momma crying
When I just sell a line, reach down and touch the iron
I made it out bussin’ bike, 38’s, Draco’s, and 9’s
When I think about this sh*t, I could’ve died ninety times