LUXURY LIFE - Busta Rhymes ft. Coi Leray

LUXURY LIFEBusta Rhymes ft. Coi Leray

“LUXURY LIFE” is a high-energy hip-hop collaboration between Busta Rhymes and Coi Leray that oozes opulence and extravagance. The music video for “LUXURY LIFE” was released on September 11, 2023, and features a sample of JAY-Z and Foxy Brown’s classic track. With its booming beats and confident verses, the track celebrates the finer things in life and the pursuit of success.

Busta Rhymes’ veteran presence and Coi Leray’s fiery delivery combine to create a song that exudes a sense of living large and unapologetically embracing the luxury lifestyle. It’s a testament to their musical prowess and a nod to the allure of living life to the fullest.

The music video for the song showcases Busta Rhymes and Coi Leray on a great escape, making a clean getaway in a luxury setting. The collaboration between Busta Rhymes and Coi Leray has been well-received by fans and critics, with many praising the artists’ chemistry and the track’s production.