Luv Me Again - PnB Rock Produced by D.A. Got That Dope

Luv Me AgainPnB Rock Produced by D.A. Got That Dope

Quotable Lyrics:
I wanna hear it again (Again)
So tell me you love me again (Love me again)
Tell me you trust me again (Trust me again)
Tell me it’s us ’til the end (‘Til the end)
I wanna touch you again (Again)

I wanna cuddle again (Cuddle again)
I wanna f**k you again (F**k you again)
Shorty, let’s make it a plan (Yeah)
I’ll be on my way tonight (Tonight)

Private jet, I ain’t missin’ no flight (No flight)
Come put that d*ck in your life (D*ck in your life)
I’m tryna make you my wife (Yeah)
‘Member the first day I met you (Met you)

I could just tell you was special (You was special)
After the first day I sexed you (Sexed you)
How could I ever forget you? (Oh)

Uh, put up with my sh*t for so damn long (Long)
I buy you material things, but that don’t right my wrongs (Wrongs)
Told the whole world about your pain, put it in my songs (Yeah)
Then wonder why you don’t wanna listen to none of my songs (Oh, oh)

Then wonder why you in your feelings when I’m not at home (Oh, oh)
Trippin’, I’m all in my feelings, I went through your phone (Yeah)
Some things just better off not knowin’ (Not knowin’)
That ain’t right, been movin’ out of spite

Yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah), yeah
Who gon’ hold me down, gon’ be around? Girl, all I need is you
I don’t give no f**k what I find out, I still wanna be with you
After all the sh*t I put you through, what the f**k I look like leavin’ you?