Lurkin' - King Von & Funk Flex

Lurkin’ – King Von & Funk Flex

Quotable Lyrics: Lurkin’ – King Von & Funk Flex

Young ni**a, twenty-six, never had a job (Huh?)
They never gave a ni**a sh*t so I had to rob
I was walkin’ ni**as down, they ain’t have a car (Yeah)
Too fast, I get on your ass, you ain’t gettin’ far

Too sad, he was talkin’ bad, now he in the Star (Boom)
Who’s that? We don’t give a f*ck, he ain’t one of ours
Switch the car, hit ’em hard (Woah), cold, play it smart
While you out, you would stop, hit the gas, livin’ large (Uh)