Low Down - Lil Wayne

Low Down – Lil Wayne

Quotable Lyrics: Low Down – Lil Wayne

Go to war with your whole community
Go to war for these hoes, that’s lunacy
I done lost all control of the goon in me
Chopper spark like it’s electrocuting me
Pop a bar, sip some barre, smoke some Buddah weed
Pop it off, we can start the buffoonery
Only eat what I kill and watch who I eat
Normally pay for my meal, I’ll kill you for free
No Ceilings 3

Tired of these strippers, I’m going up north
She write me prescriptions, she light up medicinal
The conditional critical, might need a physical
Cold as a hospital, women hospitable
Tommy gun extendo long as a tentacle
I got this octopus army, it swim with you
I bring apocalypse straight to your living room
Tony the Tiger, you flaking, you cereal
My life a movie, get head underwater
We f*ck in my pool, that’s chlorine in her pu**y
Codeine make the drank bubble like a jacuzzi
Codeine make it pink, something like a petunia….