Love To Smoke - Wiz Khalifa

Love To SmokeWiz Khalifa

Quotable Lyrics:
Man, I would say this sh*t easy but
I don’t even think about it no more
I would have to think about it being
easy for me to say some sh*t like that

Just got back from a Cabo trip
It was me, my family members and about six zips
Everywhere my name on the list and
I tipped ’em very well so they don’t trip
Wizzle Man on the beach gettin’ lit

And I show up clean if I’ma be at the event
I’m comfortable as long as there’s some weed lit
More than a man, I’m a genius
They compliment saying they never seen this
We always gon’ butt heads like Beavis
You always start something up and leave it

I’m gettin’ stoned to celebrate my achievements
I’m always gon’ be ahead, we ain’t even
It’s Taylor Gang, you with us, you ain’t leaving
These ni**as be mad as f**k, I’m the reason
I’m rolling the finest kush with no season