Love is... - Toosii & Julia Michaels

Love is…Toosii & Julia Michaels

Quotable Lyrics:
Need a picture on the dresser
I knew you weren’t ready when I met ya (It shows up and disappears)
You say you gon’ leave, but I won’t sweat ya (Love is strange for some)
My mind been made up, plenty times I swear, I could’ve gave up (It ranges from making love to tears)

Plenty times, inside I’m hurt, but play tough (Now we’re here, love is weird)
Everytime you give up on me, I be callin’ back like we done made up
I just wanna meet whoever made love, ’cause it hurt (Oh, oh, oh, oh)
And, it’s weird (Love is weird)

Yeah, baby, I need you to be here, be my friend
Hold my hand (Yeah)
Will you forgive all my sins?
I’ll probably never fall in love again

I sat in that tub again
I had thoughts to slit my wrist, but then, I knew that you’d be pissed
I didn’t, what’s the point of me livin’ if this the way that I be feelin’?
Why won’t you stay? I just don’t get it