Love Is Blind - EST Gee

Love Is BlindEST Gee

Quotable Lyrics:
Come take a trip down memory lane with a
Grave digger, a made ni**a
Poppin’ painkillers
Don’t make me think different
I’ma drank sipper
I done slayed ni**as

I done paid killers
Out the whip and out the window
Long as you get ’em ain’t no difference
Shame it’s the same ni**as dissing
Used to wanna hang with us

I ain’t trippin’ I been had a lot of opps
Even more pistols
Bougie freak say she don’t wanna eat
Cuz I ain’t say no pickles
Put her on the ni**a she get that lo
We gone for sure get ’em

Most get it the small few of em that don’t need no nose tissue
Cuz I’ma wipe it for ’em
He don’t even know that I’m so cold with it
She got sexy lips when she eat d*ck call her soul stealer
Cry and make her sad said I’ll be back when it’s a whole river
She give me a pass on how I act because her old ni**a

Broken down bad sitting on his ass watching her go get it
Plus I used to serve her baby dad you know I hit his bag
Bossed up I bought all my whips with cash it came with paper tags
3 kilos and 1, 500 grams, all my cubans dance