Lose My Mind - Greentea Peng

Lose My MindGreentea Peng

Quotable Lyrics:
The world is my own, find me in my zone
Listenin’ to tunes on my phone, gettin’ stoned
If your energy’s right, we probably tight
If not, I’m happy alone

I don’t come out of fear, keep my enemies near
Yeah, the devil’s inside you, my dear
Connections I’m feelin’, if not, keep it movin’
If it ain’t genuine, what we doin’?

I ain’t in your race ’cause I value my space
And the time that it takes to create
Can only try be myself, bother nobody else
As I battle these wars alone

Pay no attention to you nor the things that you do
‘Cause you don’t seem to want to relate
And all the time that I spend by myself
Brings me closer to Earth, so I’m easy either way