GHETTO GATSBY - Brent Faiyaz Feat. Alicia Keys,Loose Change - Brent Faiyaz

Loose ChangeBrent Faiyaz

Quotable Lyrics:
What’s left of us?
What’s left of our lives?
It’s only you, it’s only me
It’s only us at the end of the night

I remember when you couldn’t tell me a thing
Now you talk so much, it drives me insane (here we go again)
But you got you some great—

Hmm, so what can I say to you?
But I’m off that, had to fall back
You got everybody thinkin’ I’m all bad (Ah)

You know the truth (You lying on me?)
I was always holdin’ you down (You know how we was rocking)
You down, maybe not (Here we go again)

And what we see ain’t what it seems or feels, girl
What is love? (What’s that?)
Love, what is love?

Brent Faiyaz