Look To Him - Greentea Peng

Look To HimGreentea Peng

Quotable Lyrics:
I’ve been tryin’ to hide
Feel your watchin’ with your evil eye
Move from me with your bait disguise
Don’t speak if it’s gon’ be lies (Lies, lies now)

From times and way downtown
You know I been about (Uh), I been around (Mm)
Yeah, I played the fool, I been the clown
I see through you ‘cah my sight’s profound

Imitation ain’t flattery (No, no, no)
But inspiration, that’s a different ting
And while I own nothin’, not even soul I bring
Don’t smile and then try bite me

Uptown, downtown, all around town
They listen to the sound (Oh)
Head in the clouds, one foot on the ground
It still get around (Oh)

I ain’t in a rush, gonna push
Let the big man do his ting (Oh)
If you gotta force it
Then you know it ain’t happenin’

Greentea Peng