Look Ma I Did It - Gucci Mane Feat. Baby Racks

Look Ma I Did ItGucci Mane Feat. Baby Racks

Quotable Lyrics:
I heard you broke, yeah, you trippin’
I made twenty thousand just sittin’ in the kitchen (Yeah)
They said I couldn’t do it, but look, ma, I did it (Mama)
My reefer be louder than three-fifty engines (Skrrt)

These ni**as had counted me out (Nah)
Now they mention my name when they tryna gain clout (Ha)
I don’t know what that’s ’bout
I keep them bands in a drought (Bands), they comin’ in, comin’ out (Yeah)

B*tch, I look like I’m a dollar sign
You don’t see that, then you colorblind
I get the money ahead of time
These ni**as green like a dandelion
Play with my money, get penalized

These ni**as poppin’ on Facebook Live
We used to go in on three-fives
I can go snatch my own P now
Your b*tch get snatched like a rebound
Don’t got no time for no handouts

I’m the one you shouldn’t play ’round
I been a boss, this ain’t overnight
High as a Delta flight
Hundreds be older than Betty White
Diamonds be shinin’ like city lights
Playin’ with sticks like it’s Fisher-Price
This sh*t get scary like poltergeist

Baby Racks, yeah, that’s my copyright
Pockets be fat, but my skinnies tight
Say he want smoke, then it’s on sight
We just gon’ pop up with no invite

Yeah, boy, you real funny like Peter
Got stripes like Adidas
These ni**as be singin’ like Keisha
I need me a b*tch just like Gina
I’m selfish as f**k, I keep buyin’ two-seaters

I’ma just f**k on her, you can still keep her
I’m just sellin’ dope like it’s legal
Might just go get a white beamer
Havin’ more spots than a cheetah
Drop a deuce, that’s that Regeta