Lonely - Toosii


Quotable Lyrics:
Cause it could get lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely
I can’t spend, no time ’cause I’m on my grind
And it get lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely
You know right now that I’m out of state
Call you when I’m on the way

You know I’m proud of you
I buy you Prada, baby,
and not just so I could get inside of you
You rockin’ Tom Ford on your hair, rainin’
What you wеar? You know I be stylin’ you

Know for a fact you’ll keep it real
You’ll nevеr square, I’ll still lie to you
And your heart so damn pure, l
ot of people probably never see that side of you

Baby, the top, it get lonely, silly ni**a brought the brodies
I was raised by the OGs, did a lot of sh*t, but, that’s the old me
They don’t know, I was outside tryna make it out for the Nic-Nacs
And, they don’t know, all this sh*t that a ni**a used to do at the kickbacks