lonely christmas - Bryson Tiller ft. Justin Bieber, Poo Bear,presents - Bryson Tiller Feat. Kiana Ledé

lonely christmasBryson Tiller ft. Justin Bieber, Poo Bear

Quotable Lyrics:
Right now I be out there shopping’
Some of you call it trickin’ off
The money never meant nothin’
To see you smile you know I’d blow it all
We used to get our lights from Walmart
And hang them up for the whole world to see
Reminiscin’ on your milk and cookies
I’m missin’ you and me

It’s gonna be lonely Christmas
A lonely broken-hearted Christmas
No mistletoe, no givin’ kisses
It’s gonna be a lonely Christmas

Stressing bout impressing all your family
‘Cause everybody knows I’ve been working hard
Your momma beggin’ me to bring over some food
Remember her spillin’ gravy in my car
It was almost like every holiday
Could never ever outdo the last
And even though it ain’t snowing in the desert, girl
Still the coldest winter I’ve ever had