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London FreestyleFivio Foreign

Quotable Lyrics: London FreestyleFivio Foreign
If I know he did it, I give him a grin
If I know she with it, I give her a glimpse
I be bustin’ moves, I don’t gotta flinch
Baby, I’m a boss, I could pay your rent
Huh, I’m OC (OC), not OT (Nah, not OT, nah)

I be hypin’ myself in the mirror, like, “Go me”, look, huh
He said he travel, no he don’t (Uh)
State to state, that’s all he know (Skrrt)
I’m out in Paris, by the Rollie store
Got the Gucci slides, with the open toes (Uh)
Huh (Woo), woo (Got the Gucci slides, with the open toes)
Yeah (Haha), yeah, yeah, look (Got the Gucci slides), yeah, look, uh

Ni**a, from here on (Ni**a, from here on)
A hundred-thousand to clear songs (Yeah)
That ni**a die if he stare wrong (Baow)
I’ve been in London for bare long (Yeah)
Bro, this is Fivi’ in rare form (Uh)
I might do the Nikes for a year long (Uh)

All of these diamonds to get on (Uh)
Can’t sit at the table, your chair gone (Nah)
I got a rich b*tch (I got a rich b*tch)
And she like rich sh*t, huh (She like rich sh*t)
She’ll pay twenty-thousand for a trip, just to take a fit pic’ (Yeah), huh
If she get out of line, she get dismissed (Yeah)
If it come out his mouth, he get his lip split (Baow)

Ni**a, what, you ain’t hear me on Big Drip? (What?)
Ni**a, I fell in love with a lit b*tch (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
Two guns (Two guns), big clip (Big clip)
Headshot (Headhost), wig split (Wig split)
I call Dala’, he like, “Get, get” (Get, get)

Yeah, them ni**as fake, they can’t handle the truth
I pay the stylist to handle the shoes
I take a percy’ to handle my mood
It keep me calm, it help me not to shoot (Grrt, baow)
I gotta win, I got too much to lose (Huh)

Yeah (Yeah), my little shooter got too much to prove (Grrt, baow)
Boom (Ha), I gotta win, I got too much to lose (Yeah)
Ha, my little shooter got too much to prove, huh (Uh, yeah)

Fivio Foreign