London - BIA Feat. J. Cole

LondonBIA Feat. J. Cole

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m in London, I like go and shop at the mall
Shop at the Prada, shop at the store
Shop in the tropics, stop at Dior (Ah, ah)
Louis Vuitton cover my toes
Throw on my trousers, look at my bricks
These are my tennis, look at my shoes (Look at my shoes)

Chrome Heart socks in sandals
Mans outside in Crocs in shambles (Damn)
Please quick talk, no ramble
Soon as they send their bread, I cancel, ooh (Ah, ah)
I like to tango, twistin’ and tangle, testin’ the angles (Rrah)
Up in the bank though, I got thе same goals
You with the same hoеs, I like the bankroll (Boo-boo-boo-boo)