Power Steering - Lloyd Banks Feat. Jadakiss,Living Proof - Lloyd Banks Feat. Benny The Butcher

Living ProofLloyd Banks Feat. Benny The Butcher

Quotable Lyrics:
I done cracked the dial again on your meter, despite your limits
If I was you, I wouldn’t rap with me, either, I’m psycho with it
I’m gon’ knock a thirty-pack off a hater, you’re lipo-kitted

Unavoidable, ironic they take an L like No Limit
Tryna carry weight that’s dead’ll only hold me back
Sometimes you gotta have a fall out to see the truth, and you showed me that
Freezing my shoulders what I’m coldest at

You see the ones you sh*t on all on your way out, this life is a cul-de-sac
No surrenders, wish I was born earlier
Put me in the golden era where I can flourish
Mе and adversity cruise togethеr

Counted me out again? Yes, who do I owe the pleasure?
Thank you, him, her and whoever
Banks is a wanted man, big up to my band, keep drums in public
I should drop again, three Sundays in June, my sons’ll love it

Poison my food for thought, hope my critics become disgusted
These scriptures are one-of-ones, never had a re-run to judge it

When it’s said and done, I’ll be the only one
My drive ain’t fueled off love, ain’t got to show me none
You ni**as got sh*t but time, just got the Rollies done

And we only run when the police come
A hundred salute, prepare the troops (Ah)
I’m goin’ out on my roof, ain’t hear to truce (The Butcher comin’, ni**a)

Don’t care to make a friend, rather you hear the truth (Me and my ni**a Banks, ah)
Real ni**as always regroup, I’m living proof (You know how we do it, you know what it is, uh)

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