Live Life Die Faster - Hotboii Feat. Kodak Black

Live Life Die FasterHotboii Feat. Kodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
I got no feelings within (Ayy)
I put that sh*t in my pen (Ink)
Ink bleed on the paper, and I knew the feelings was in
I wasn’t gon’ f**k with her no more but I did it again

I hit it again, I quit it again (Uh)
See, they feelin’ the kid (Oh)
Yeah, I’m in it to win (The one)
Cut the half of the foreign (The foreign)

Now I’m feelin’ the wind (Yeah)
My lil’ YG’s be movin’ dumb, gotta give ’em to see it (For real)
Rob you and murk you for your sh*t, they been killin’ this year (Uh)
I smoke blacks, only on Percs, it be kickin’ it in

Told you, “I love you” way back then, I don’t know if I did
And I ain’t gotta do too much, lil’ mama, you know I’m the sh*t (You know)
And I’m dyin’ with my gang, f**k who we goin’ against

Are you ridin’ with me
While I’m clutchin’ on my hammer?
Hard times never matter
Live life die faster

Are you ridin’ with me (Ridin’ with me)
While I’m clutchin’ on my hammer? (Clutchin’ on my hammer)
Hard times never matter (Never matter)
Live life die faster (Hey, fast)