Little Miss - NLE Choppa

Little MissNLE Choppa

Quotable Lyrics:
Little miss got it all together, huh (All together)
Little miss got it all figured out, yeah
Little miss goin’ through whatever, yeah (She’s goin’ through whatever)

Little miss don’t need nobody else, yeah (Need nobody else)
Little miss got her own chain (Own chain)
Little miss I-Don’t-Need-A-Man, yeah (Need a man)
Little miss At-My-Breakin’-Point, uh (At my breakin’ point)
Little miss My-Feelings-In-My-Blunt, yeah

Under that broccoli rock, under that new Chanel
Under that makeup, a girl goin’ through hell
I know that sh*t hurt, I know that trauma abuse you
Don’t forget your worth (Don’t forget your worth)

Promise you more than what you used to
Hear me out boo, I’ll put you first (I’ll put you first)
Yeah, I’ll put you first

F**k them other ni**as (Them other ni**as)
They ain’t what you need (Ain’t what you need)
They use you for your body,
I use you for your peace (Use you for your peace)

NLE Choppa