Lil Bit - Nelly Feat. Florida Georgia Line

Lil BitNelly Feat. Florida Georgia Line

Quotable Lyrics:
What up, Nelly?
You ready to do another one, bruh?
Talk to ’em (uh, uh, uh, uh)
Yeah, runnin’ all red lights
Pull up to the club, just to get, just to get ahead, right
I do this shit er’ry night
You can call it limelight, I’ma call it my life
Shawty lookin’ alright
TK jeans on, skin-skin-skintight
She be shakin’ that taillight
Got me froze in the road like a deer in the headlights (uh, uh, yeah)
Oh, backwoods, wanna know if you can roll
Got CÎROC on the rocks, ice-cold
Got the coupe on the new town road
Real low, oh