Likkle Miss - Nicki Minaj ft. Skeng-1

Likkle MissNicki Minaj ft. Skeng (THE FINE NINE REMIX)

Likkle Miss - Nicki Minaj ft. Skeng -
Quotable Lyrics:
Ayy, Nicki, ah we seh tight nooki and stiff titty
Caribbean girls run it, ayo, Skeng
True seh mi peng, ratty gang
Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang

They ain’t never gotta ask this one question, “Who is the queen?”
Likkle miss obsession
I’m the one who keep these bitches under pressure
Cock it back like it’s forty-five, uh, special, oh
I play the front, they gotta linger back

Foxy Trini bitch, where Inga at? Uh
It’s like me deh yah in Japan
N-n-n-ninja Nicki, where Ninja Man?

I don’t need a hunnid niggas, lil’ bitch, me soon come
Dripped in YSL, one thug and one gun
These bitches gon’ bow down or lay it down
Trinidad, Port of Spain to Spaintown

Mi seh, when mi reach, di fun done
Dem cyaan get no more bloodclaat attention
Tek a gyal man, some gyal fi get bun
Pretty face, Chinese bangs, and one bun