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Quotable Lyrics:
When the vibes is right
Chilling with the homies
Tryna dodge the plight
Rapper by day, but I’m a dad by night
You can have all the money but your time finite (yeah)

You know we doing it right
Family over everything is a beautiful sight
Cruising in the Bronco on a Tuesday night
Most don’t live their lives by the rules they write
Rapping through the evening ’till I see the daylight

Outcast, f**k the crowd and whatever they like
Logic known for telling stories like a playwright
Stay black brothers and sisters is how we stay right
This that midnight marauder shit

Flow seamless over the beats, it’s kinda like a
partnership (Aren’t you nervous you aren’t the best?)
I never even thought of it (yeah)
‘Cause see, for me it’s not a contest

I want all my brothers to win
All my brothers to win
For me it’s not a contest
I want all my brothers to win, all my brothers to win!