Lights On - Sheff G

Lights On – Sheff G

Quotable Lyrics:

Ah, woo
I know they cheated on me
Look (Great John on the beat by the way)
I know they cheat on a ni**a

Look, turn the lights on (That’s shooter gang)
Shooter gang in the buildin’, huh (Shooter, shooter, that’s shooter gang)
A hunnid straps, how you feelin’? (Shooter gang, gang, gang, gang)
We came to, woah, we came to, uh, look (That’s shooter gang, shooter, shooter, that’s shooter gang)

‘Cause we came to send this bitch up (Shooter gang, gang, gang, gang)
It’s me, Sheff G, I’m the realest, it’s f*ck how you feelin’, ni**a
It’s me, Sheff G, keep your distance, the gang ain’t too friendly, ni**a
Can’t breathе (Huh), b*tches flockin’, can’t wait ’til they meet a ni**a, huh, look
Shawty wildin’, she know how to trеat a ni**a