Lights Off - Tay Keith Feat. Lil Durk & Gunna

Lights OffTay Keith Feat. Lil Durk & Gunna

Quotable Lyrics:
Restaurant, I dine in, I want light sauce (Light sauce)
Twinklin’, that’s my diamonds, yeah, when the lights off (Yeah)
My third eye always watching, these ni**as fake and phony (Phony)
Grind hard, every one of my homies gettin’ an iced out Rollie (Iced out Rollie)

Smokin’ California, my new garments got an odor (Odor)
’Fridgerator full of codeine (Yeah), I pour deuces in my soda (Soda)
Louis V Virgil laces look like Wockhardt (Yeah)
They told me I wasn’t gon’ make it if you ain’t grind hard (Hard)

Look at how far we made it (Made it)
I told ’em, they thought I was crazy
Young Gunna been hot (Too hot), I trapped in the spot, it got raided (Raided)
I custom the watch, two-tone the Prezi and Elliot made it (Made it)
The Cuban, it look like it’s faded (Faded)
We can’t do the minimum wages (Nah)

I’m a big dog, money tall like King Kong (King Kong)
Heard them millions talk, went and bought me three phones
Rockin’ Vlone, told the ho, “Leave me Vlone” (Leave me Vlone)
Higher than Cheech and Chong, I don’t care what you on, to each his own (To each his own) Had to find my space, I was just keepin’ my mind straight

Why these broke ni**as hate? Actin’ like they don’t know crime pays (Crime pays)
I’m in a different mind state, runnin’ to the M’s in a fast pace (Fast pace)
We like to call it rat race, came out the hood and got good taste (Good taste) / New Music Release

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