Light Breeze - Kalan.FrFr

Light BreezeKalan.FrFr

Quotable Lyrics:
Ayy, light breeze (Light breeze)
Sunroof back, yeah, A/C (Woah, woah)
Yeah, riding through the light, yeah, light speed
Yeah, lil’ mama sweet, she a sweet tea (Yeah, yeah)

Ayy, lil’ Mike leak like first team
Ayy, lil’ ma got game, flirting (Wet, yeah), surfing (Woah, woah)
I knew I was fly when I was thirteen (I was thirteen, yeah)
I knew I was fresh when I, when I put it on (Yeah)

She don’t like boys
But, yeah, I turn her on
She don’t like noise (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, I turn her on (Yeah)

She don’t like toys but she got in the ‘Vette with me (Yeah)
She don’t like to fuck but she like having sex with me (Ayy)

Sliding through the streets smoking cookies (Yeah), I’m on sesame (Ayy)
And you know your last ni**a was a rookie, I’m a big dog (Ayy)
Big chain, Rick Ross, Maybach, get lost
Swagoo sauce, yeah, water like VOSS, yeah

She know I’m hard body, these ni**as soft, yeah
She know if I’m pulling up, that’s gon’ cost (Ayy)
She know I’m real, real, for real, no imposter (Ayy)
Me and lil’ ma in the whip, having a concert (Yeah)

I got thirty thousand all blues on my console (Yeah)
Head down, holding up her hair, Rapunzel (Ayy)
White buff, she know I ball, Lonzo
She gon’ pull up when I call, pronto (Ayy)